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Obama Wat

In my drama program, we have a secret santa. This year, my drama teacher was my secret santa, and I wrote that one of my favorite animals was "Winnie the Pooh." So he got me a backpack and mugs that were winnie the pooh themed, and one of the cups was signed by his brother, who is the voice of Gopher. Which was rather awesome, but it gets better! I imdb-ed that name in a hurry and I found some awesome stuff. And then I had to send this email


from Mary

date Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 10:51 PM


Tom. Tom. Tom your brother was Gnasty Gnorc in Spyro.

I...I don't think you realize just how frickin amazing this is to me Tom.

Spyro was the first playstation game I EVER PLAYED. I would go to the Sony store and play the Spyro first level, watching and re-watching the intro video.

And he was on Jacky Chan adventures. And Men in Black. These were watched almost every Saturday when I was little. TOM. TOM THIS IS A MAJOR DEVELOPMENT FOR ME.

My mom is looking at me weird because I just started squealing really, really loudly, and from her perspective I have no reason.

GNASTY GNORC IN SPYRO AND GOPHER. HOLY CRAP TOM. GIVE HIM A HUG FOR ME. (As a thank you for doing those parts and for signing the cup, because that was really sweet)

No. I actually didn't eat all the candy I was given, just in case you're wondering. I have had no excess sugar since the party. This is allll nerdy excitement.

- Mary

His response was along the lines of, "I will certainly let my bro know how much your nerd funny bone has been tickled."

I am greatly amused, and very nerded out for right now. And this helps me fight the icky sick which is trying to take me down. Stupid me being sick. I fought you for two weeks only to fall now.
24th-Nov-2010 09:37 pm - My nerdy joy knows no bounds
Please, Muggle
So. Nerdy things that I'm digging right now.

THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSAaiYKF0cs&feature=player_embedded clip of Daniel Radcliffe singing Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements' while Rihanna and Karl Urban make fun of him, but I DO NOT CARE. YOU GO DAN. "Tom Lehrer is sort of my hero," makes me happy, especially since I just got more of his songs and I am happy and this made me cackle very loudly in my room just now.

This interview on Wizarding Life: http://wizardinglife.com/2010/11/starkid-interview-starship-coverage-a-very-potter-threequel/ In which starkidpotter talks about making A Very Potter Threequel, which OH MY ROWLING I would love. I mean, DAMN. Would love that. The Lang Brothers and Brian Holden are amazing writers, and the whole company of University of Michigan Alumni (Wonder why the University of Michigan sounds familiar? Hmmmmm) is totally awesome. If you haven't watched their stuff, youtube it. You will probably like it if you like Harry Potter.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I really, really, really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was awesome, and the few things that I didn't like, I can live with. I would love to have explanations, but whatevs. Dobby was done brilliantly, and the Weasley Twins remain my heroes. I went to the midnight premiere and got serenaded. It was a good night.

This: "we look forward to some sweet Doctor on Dickens action for the Doctor Who Xmas special on December 25th, 9p ET on BBC America." Oh my. I... oh my.

The fact that I may get to visit the White House all decked out for Christmas. *May* I am really, really hoping to, because I am a political nerd sometimes, and being IN the white house in it's full Holiday splendor would be amazing to me. Jackie Spiers, approve my request! I voted for you!

This: http://daily.gay.com/entertainment/2010/11/glees-darren-criss-i-had-to-come-out-as-straight.html ANYTHING Darren Criss. So that photo of him with Harley? Yeah, that's at Comic Con. When I hung out with him for two hours. YEAH. I've been a fan of his for a while, and I'm so stoked that he got the Glee gig, and he's awesome and adorable, and he's in Entertainment Weekly as the bullseye! They say, "Glee's best idea ever." and I really agree. It means it will be *so* much harder to meet him at Comic Con this year, but he really deserves it.

Ok. Fangirling done. For now.
23rd-Nov-2010 11:55 am - Hub bub bub
Too Dorky
Well. I haven't updated this sucker in a little less than a year. I was reminded of it by loupyone making me his friend. Ho hum. Most of you (er, all of you?) know me in real life, so you've been getting updates that way.

Things that are happening:

Just finished Stage Managing 'Winter's Tale' at my college. It was a good experience, I am glad it is over, I learned a lot and saw what things I could improve on for my *next* stage managing gig:

Slyvia at Busbarn! They pay me! It's cool! There are only four actors in the show, compared to the 22 I was dealing with before! Excitement = exclamation marks!

Dickens starts on Friday. I am super excited about my new dress. My mom's been an amazing sewing fiend and it's looking *gorgeous.* Today my goal is to put a pocket in the skirt. We have the pocket, I have opened the skirt, and now I just need to wave my wand (I have one) and it will be attached. Right? Hmmm. I also have an eye (sewing kind, not seeing kind) sewn in that my new pocketwatch can latch onto and it will be cool.

Finals are almost here, as well as the end of one of the most exhausting quarters I have ever had. I technically had 28 quarter units, but we lied and so I had 24 so they would approve me. Conservatory + Engl 1B + show. Bah. This English class does not please me at all. At this point I can't even really hide my "I do not like this class, and I don't like you, and you Mr teacher sir, I feel bad, but my caring is decreasing by the second" feelings anymore, I'm just too tired.

College transfering! Oh hell. I'm in the middle of that now. Um. Yes. Um. UCSD application due on the 30th, and it's almost done. Just need those essays and to squish down six years of my life into compartment boxes to be evaluated and approved.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) is also almost completed. Oooh pretty dream school. You have a good ratio of teachers to students, and a good reputation, and you will be cold, and an awesome company that alumni have founded, and I covet you.

So far other school thinking of is Boston University. Get this, they *require* you to study abroad. And of course one option is in England. *salivate* Apparently there is also special housing for theatre students, which amuses me to no end. Maybe Cornish U in Seattle. Mmm.

There are other half founded ideas that I need to look into, but yes. I will be far away. I will miss everyone greatly, but I do want that feeling of "Oh. Adult life. Huh. This is sort of what it feels like. Alrighty then."
5th-Feb-2010 10:08 pm - Musings on Driving and Nature
Think Think Think
There's something rather poetic about driving in the dark. Not just anywhere mind you, up where there aren't as many lights. My personal favorite area is 280, speeding along (usually north, heading back home). Being one of the few cars, it seems as if the whole world is asleep, waiting for the sun to wake it back up again and bring everything to life. You almost feel guilty that your headlights have to disturb the peace, and, if it weren't for the danger that is associated with it, you would turn them off. Everything seems so quiet and peaceful.

I could drive in the dark, listening to my folk music along 280 for as long as the nature lasted me.

Also, it's just kind of silly and childish of us to drive to drive away the dark all the time. Taking 92 to 101, the neon! Oh the neon. These places that aren't open 24/7, and honestly, seeing the brightly illuminated sign for a psychic that's closed isn't going to want to make me go to that business. It makes me wish that I had one of the de-illuminators that Albus Dumbledore had, to wink out all unnecessary lights. Not saying that light is unnecessary. As a female, I fully appreciate streetlights when walking to my car and such, but my little dreamer mind just makes all the streetlights motion-activated. To think of a dark world, you driving (or biking, or running) through, lights coming on as you arrived, flicking out as you passed. It seems like magic to me.

Also, all I'm saying is thank God(s) that the section of 280 from my house to Foothill is the scenic route. Not long after, it gets surrounded by concrete, and a little further north and it hits SF. I have one of the prettiest commutes ever. Today was a really nice example. The sky's blue, but there were some defining white and grey clouds. My favorite spot driving to Foothill is about 8 miles away from campus. Whenever I approach the turn, I get so excited, and almost every time it takes my breath away. A huge stretch of land awaits me, greens and blues and whites and greys. The satellite actually seems to add to the beauty. Many times as I drive down, I wish that I had the time to pull over at various points and just take pictures. (The reservoir on some days has fog that just spills out onto the hills and it's gorgeous in Winter)

Someday, I want the time to drive up to the vista points and just sit there, watching the world turn and singing a song in my head.

That's all my musings for now. I think I'm about to enter into another small artsy phase, with more collages and poetry and bits. I'm looking forward to it.
So, no one's really doing it, but I rather liked it and I think I have a somewhat impressive list. So it's kinda simple. List the places you spent the night in 2009:

Beacon, NY
Bronx, NY
Dublin, Ireland
Millbrae, CA
Moccasin, CA
Monte Toyon, CA
Oakland, CA
Oceanside, CA
San Bruno, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Rosa, CA
Sonora, CA
Stattsburg, NY

Above the Atlantic Ocean
Somewhere above the USA, probably Midwest somewhere.

And that's all. Oh, well, I'm volunteering for a show called 'Persimmons in Winter.' And if it weren't for scheduling conflicts, I could have been ASM. I could've been a contender! This however means that next week I don't get home until after 11. Oof. So um, weekend is here. (I'll be damned if it's another weekend I don't see my boy. Just saying. This will be fixed.) Lastly, Izzie is the bestest friend ever, because she gave me all of the Beatles songs. I am vastly pleased, cause this means I can work on my NY Resolution of learning songs, especially by the Beatles. At the moment I'm just listening around and figuring out which ones I really like. We played the Jane Austen Drinking game tonight with Baileys-spiked hot cocoa. "Losing countenance! Two drinks!" It was fun. I am having a grand old time.
6th-Jan-2010 10:05 pm - "We'll Be Blogging Again"
Heart Keyboard
Wooow, seven weeks eh? Long time. Really short summary of things that happened. Finished first quarter at Foothill Conservatory Theatre. Love it. Did Dickens Faire, loved it. Got into a car crash... not so much love. Went to NY for Christmas, more love. Folk camp for New Years, love. Back to school as of the past Monday.

That was the past seven weeks.

So, my New Year's Resolution is to learn more songs and to try out for at least four shows. Not necessarily to get IN, but to at least try to get them. First audition is this Saturday for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I'm trying to pick which song out of what I know and finish up touches on my headshot. Singing resolution... I want to learn:

Beatles songs
Irish Ballads and other such
Drinking songs
Funny songs
Folk songs
Jazz songs

So, yes. If you have any that you think I should learn, send them my way. I want to learn them by heart so I can sing more, because I love to sing, and I want to expand my repertoire. As addendum, I want to learn which keys to sing songs in, specifically the jazz songs. Thinking of using LJ to try to be a goal motivator, but not exactly sure how to phrase it. Any ideas?

Last thing I'm going to use LJ for is to help me stay motivated in raising money. I owe my dad $460 for the deductible, and I need to scrounge up $100 for the first payment to take a trip to Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival. This involves spending almost no money, and creative fundraising. At the moment I'm selling a few things on Amazon, and I'm going to email Stanford to see if they need some more pretend patients for patient-doctor roleplay. Again, any ideas about oddjobs or ways to have money with no funds, I'll be glad to hear them.

Ta for now!
15th-Nov-2009 12:37 am - Once Before I Go...
Blah de blah.

Yay! I'm approved for Dickens. I got stuff to do, but it's all 'well, this will make things easier, soooo, I'm gonna make pockets to put in my skirt now. Yay!' stuff. I'm working on getting a day bodice made. By 'working' I mean, 'I will buy pattern, fabric, and then find someone to make it' because while I can kinda use a sewing machine, I'll practice on things like...bloomers. Not pretty, pretty bodices. Yes. So my flouncy might be semi retired now.

Um, school/acting/work front. Doing well in my one non-conservatory class, except I'm lazy since it's online, so might get a B. Bladfhladfj. Bah. Still trying to responsibly go to work in the mornings before school at LEAST 3-4 days per week, hopefully someday 4-5. Grah. Money is nice. I'm exhausted, but happy. Wish that some of these new college students would realize it's not high school, please don't take your petty spats FROM high school and continue them here. I don't care. I might get someone to take some headshots for me, and then I can try out for a few things, because I have no official headshots. Hah.

'other' front.

Well, I 'might' have met someone, and I kinda like another person, and said first person lives pretty far away, and said other person doesn't (hopefully) know I like them, and I'm pretty sure there's a love triangle somewhere. Well. That's all you need to know. But I'm not feeling as depressed by not being with someone, because I've been feeling pretty. "Cause I'm pretty" yeah. Kaylee FTW.

So, as people have said, "I'm busy, a bit poor, a bit overworked, but unbelievably happy" Just FYI, wanted you guys to know. :]

OH! Last bit. "So, basically speaking Cockney turns me into a whore." "I'm going to quote you on that." Too late. I quoted myself. It's a long story. Or not. Well, just get me to speak cockney. You'll see.
Please, Muggle
School is eating my life. But I really, really love it. But it's eating my life. But I really, REALLY love it.

I will not get angry at myself for not trying out for auditions I didn't know exist until too late. I won't. I really won't. Sigh.

...Oh huh, I need headshots for auditions don't I? Um, well... time to work on that. Yeah.

My back has been hurting like a bitch since week ago Sunday. OW OW OW. Ibeprofuen, heating, stretching, back supports, and massaging is not doing much. PAIN.

I anticipate beginning of December, because then my checking account will FINALLY be back to the pretty number it was before school started, and then I can try that whole, "Keep accounts balanced and put away $____ a month to savings account" again. Ahahha. ha.

I'm making a Disney lyric songbook for a workshop I'm going to lead again for my folk camp over New Years. (Yay! Folk Camp!) It is taking lots of time, and lots of kerning, spacing, and patience. And youtube videos so I actually know what's going on when the song occurs. That said, I'm not all that impressed with the Beauty and Beast musical. The movie's awesome, but the stuff added in is a bit... eeeh. I prefer Lion King. Also, mainly doing the classics/not every song in some of less known ones, because well, I'm getting eco-guilt just MAKING this. If I get enough requests, I'll add in some other stuff. Until then? Baaah!

There are piles of fabric from projects that I hope I will finish so the fabric will GO AWAY. Projects: 2 pair bloomers that I want taken in, they make me feel like I'm wearing a bag, a chemise that is just pieces and honestly scares me, a patchwork ballgown skirt that if I ever finish will look pretty awesome, 4 my Dickens skirt which I need to tack down a bit, because stuff was going wonky at the Ball de Vampires (Fabulous by the way) And um, a bunch of fabric, that with my magic will be turned into a Jane Eyre dress. MAGIC.

Halloween weekend was uberly amazing, and I want my 21st birthday held at Liz's house. Because yeah, her house is AWESOME. And I also want a love sac. It's a bean bag, that I shall get instead of a couch. And cool stuff happened, and I am pleased.

Mind those random capslock moments. It's late (well, it's not but I'm getting up at 6:15, so it is.) and I'm excited, and life is pretty good, but tiring.

Lastly, Dickens Fair. Holy crap, I'm not ready. Aaaaah. Aaaaah. Give me two more months, and two hundred more dollars, and I'll be fine! Aaaaah. And what would be a good last name for a whore with the first name Patience? No em, reason... *innocent whistle*

(Random trivia: Why did no one tell me that Joss Whedon was one of the writers for Toy Story and also wrote Atlantis and Titan AE? WHY? WHY DID YOU WITHOLD SUCH KNOWLEDGE?!)

Done now. Sleepy time and then another day, another day eaten by bits of work and school. Everything's really good, but I don't have time to unwind as much, and that's making me a bit antsy.
Please, Muggle
So, I saw RENT with Sam. Won't bother doing that LJ thing, cause well, too lazy. And 25 ish other people. It was AMAZING. And I was glad that I was sitting where I was, cause it was LOUD. BUT AWESOME. I do not apologize for the randomly placed capslock. My joy is that great. The set? So cool and intricate! I wanna just run around on it! And perhaps...sing songs and dance with the rest of the cast, but that is not the point! I almost started to cry during one song! And the actors were great, the lighting? DAMN! Good lighting! Not kidding, I wanna shake the designer's hand. And I got autographs, after foolishly standing in the wrong place for autographs, and shook hands, got high-fives, and hugs. It was very pleasing. And walking back to the BART with Rita and Monica, we sang songs extremely loudly, and got some applause, plus, we felt good. Also pleasing.

Now, until RENT, the Very Potter Musical was stuck in my head. Now it's like a mesh between them, so I have such things stuck in my head:

"Five hundred twenty five thousand, TOTALLY AWESOME!"
"I gotta get back to Hogwarts, I gotta get back to school, I gotta light my caaandleeeeee, won't you light my candle?"
"Haaaaaaary, Haaaaaary, why can't you see, we'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe. Sunny Santa Fe would be nice."
"It was my lucky day today up on avenue A, when you're bound to voldemooooort!"
"Pigfarts Pigarts, here I come! Pigfarts, Pigfarts, how do you generate heat when you can't feel your feet and you're turning blue?"

And I'm seeing another small musical on Thursday for free, and American Idiot (bar any funerals) on the 25th. I love my life.

Oh, small update on that family issue. My cousin gave birth last night. My aunt's going over to see my Grandma with a huge picture of her. We know that Grandma had said she really wanted to hold her great-grandaughter, but since tensions are high, no one's about to suggest this to the brand new parents in Rhode Island, when Grandma's in NY. So I have no idea, but I know it's really soon. I wasn't lying when I said I'm feeling a lot better now. I've talked with her. I spent time with her, and I feel bad, but how she's living now, she's better off dead. She's in pain, and she's not herself anymore. And mom made me feel better about feeling guilty because I looked at all the things I'm doing in Oct and thinking, "Well, I kind of hope she dies ___ so I won't miss ___" Because she felt the same way. Good, I don't feel like a bad person. But talking about this so clinically makes me depressed, so I'm going to continue to listen to a musical that's all about people dying and coming together because of AIDS.

Yes. I am sure this makes sense, but no, I won't tell you why. It's a mystery.
First day of Conservatory! It was so awesome, because I realized I get to spend 2 years studying drama, with people who also want to study drama, who are DRAMA PEOPLE. And I'll get to *know* people at college for once, instead of randomly seeing people and never seeing them again. Consistency! It's a beautiful thing. Also, there's this one chick who I think has to become an additional best friend, because she's sitting next to me, and someone says, "So we're going to do this thing, because we should get to know people."

Us, at same time: Getting to knooow you, getting to know aaaaall abouuuut youuuu.

This ended up happening about 5 times over the course of the class meeting glomp thing. Oh yeah, I'm in love with these folks.

(Really short story for those of you going: "Bwah?" I tried out for the Conservatory Theatre, got declined with a statement saying, "You're on the wait list, and if we get an opening before school starts, we'll contact you" and I thought, "Welp, that was that." And got another schedule all worked out, and etc. And then last FRIDAY, 3 days before school starts, I'm in NY, 12AM check my phone, and get a message that says, "Hi, we're from Foothill Theatre. We have an opening. Want to be in Conservatory?" and I stayed up till 1:30, when I was supposed to be sleeping to visit Grandma next day making sure I contacted them saying "YES. YES. DEFINIATELY YES. PLEASE.)

So, this quarter: Dramatic Literature, Beginning Lab, Make-up (YEEE!) Stage Production, Stage Management, Voice (I was going to be in another voice class before I got into the Conservatory theatre) and ... I think something else? Can't remember, but I'm excited! Oh, and I get an excuse to see more live theatre and get cheap tickets. No, ow, ow, you're twisting my arm too hard! Ouch! No! Stop!

This week is going to be crazy. Books for old schedule have almost all arrived, so going to send them back. (Full refund FTW) Ordered new set of books. Signed up for new classes, and all's good, except now need to figure out how much money we owe them now. Head hurts. And two classes didn't let me add them. Hmm, need to fix that. And need to get in touch with my employeers to let them know the new situation to work stuff out. And reschedule some appointments. That is tomorrow, because obviously, Doctor's office is closed now, duh. Oi. Confusion. But IT IS WORTH IT! AND I AM SO HAPPY, CAPSLOCK CANNOT EXPRESS MY FANGIRLISH GLEE.

Last bit, because I'm totally exhausted. I finally *finally* watched "A Very Potter Musical" and fell in love with it. The lyrics are in my head all at the same, and it doesn't help that I won't stop replaying the soundtracks. "I'll see my friends, gonna laugh till we cry, take my firebolt, gonna take to the sky, no way this year anyone's gonna die, and it's gonna be totally awesome!" <-- Harry Potter. Also, Voldemort tap-dances, which I am PRETTY SURE is inspired by Potter Puppet Pals' Yule Ball when Voldemort goes, "Hey! I'm the Dark Lord of tap!" I think I might ask them. (Edit: I just did. I'll let you know if they reply. Because you guys totally want to know)

HERE IS LINK TO AWESOME: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C76BE906C9D83A3A&search_query=a+very+potter+musical
...Wait wait wait, A Mary Sue Webcomic?!: http://www.drunkduck.com/Mary_Sue_Academy/index.php?p=355463
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